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Bio-Art Microblaster Plus


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Quick and easy to use. It has carbide tip promoting a longer life and precision in blasting.

• Micro retentions on dental surfaces and parts to be cemented;
• Removal of cements;
• Bracket cleaning;
• Metal or ceramic cleaning or degreasing when using the "intraoral ceramic repair" technique;
• Occlusal blasting for fine-tuning, replacing carbon utilization;
• Internal evidence for adjustment and crown settling;
• Adjustment of interproximal contacts;
• Cleaning of castings;
• Removal of oxidation.

Supplied with a Quick Coupling for Coupling and a Direct Equipment Connection (Borden). Midwest Connection is not available in Brazil. 

Mod. Plus: It has 2 removable and autoclavable tips, with 90º angles (for use on posterior teeth) and 138º (for use on anterior teeth). 

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