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Injectable hybrid composite in two viscosities

This durable composite restorative for both anterior and posterior teeth allows you to place direct restorations with an excellent self-levelling ability and outstanding physical properties, absolutely equivalent to those of conventional hybrid composites. Thanks to its nano S-PRG filler, Beautifil Flow Plus X not only helps to remineralise the adjacent tooth structure for sustainable caries prevention, but also easily polishes to a high and long-lasting lustre. It comes in two different viscosities, F00 and F03, for restorative build-up and filling.


  • F00 – Zero Flow Excellent shape retention, ideal for build-up: The flowability of F00 is so low that the paste is not deformed during layering. This easy-to-handle composite helps you to accurately restore the occlusal morphology, including cusps and marginal ridges. Main benefit: It flows well during application, but does not slump after sculpting.
  • F03 – Low Flow Moderate shape retention and viscosity plus perfect adaptation: The self-levelling F03 paste thoroughly wets the cavity walls and is therefore ideal for filling. It can be used to line cavity floors, fill small occlusal cavities, or create cervical restorations.


  • Complete system for all conservative/ restorative indications
  • Simplified handling in direct applications
  • Compatibility with all conventional bonding systems
  • Wide range of shades for aesthetic restorations
  • Optimal polishability and durable gloss

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