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Injectable filling composite for anterior and posterior

Beautifil Flow Plus combines the ease of application of a flowable product with the stability, durability and aesthetics of a moldable hybrid composite. Suitable for all filling classes, including occlusal surfaces and proximal edges. Improved characteristics allow its application by injection. Posterior restorations have never been easier. In addition, Beautifil Flow Plus's ability to release and absorb fluoride and its resistance to bacterial colonization make it an ideal choice for preventing secondary caries.

Beautifil Flow Plus is available in two viscosities. Very stable “F00” and more fluid “F03”.

Both are suitable for the usual use of fluid products but also in the occlusal area which implies a possible use for class I and II fillings.

Featuring a 360º rotating syringe and a thin disposable needle, Flow Plus composite is easily extruded by direct application.


  • Class I to V cavity restorations
  • High tensile and flexural strength
  • Possible application of the "Technical cone"
  • Natural aesthetics with chameleon effect
  • Permanent absorption and release of fluoride
  • Exceptional radiopacity


  • F00 - ZERO Flow: Modeling of the occlusal anatomy, marginal ridges and complex details; cavity restorations of all classes
  • F03 - Low Flow: Restoration of cracks, correction close to the gingival tissue; base liner

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