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Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

BeautiCem SA 
is a self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement which easily, quickly and reliably adheres to enamel and dentine, metals,
ceramics and indirect resins, without the need for separate bonding or phosphoric acid etching. BeautiCem SA greatly simplifies cementation by eliminating these technique-sensitive steps and providing an easy delivery system.
The product comes in a double syringe cartridge with auto-mixing tips, consistently mixing the cement in the correct ratio and without any air inclusions. Moreover, this cement releases and recharges fluoride, thanks to SHOFU’s proprietary S-PRG filler particles.

Remarkable strength and durability
The two dual-adhesive monomers of BeautiCem SA guarantee strong adhesion to natural tooth structure and all indirect restorative materials or types of restorations to be cemented. The catalyst optimises the polymerisation processes taking place in the resin in both chemical and dual cure modes. This leads to superior mechanical properties, ensuring high resistance to occlusal stress and longlasting restorations. The excellent radiopacity facilitates diagnoses in future examinations.

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