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Shofu BeautiBond Universal CR Enhancer 3ml


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BeautiBond Universal is a light-curing, self-conditioning one-component adhesive of the latest generation, which is suitable for composite fillings and for the repair of restorations as well as for the permanent cementation of indirect restorations (including veneers), with light- or dual-curing composite cement, as well as for cup abutments with composite cements and composites suitable. Due to its ease of use, its low technical sensitivity and the reduction of the work steps to just one step, it offers a consistently high level of process reliability and efficiency - for a long-term stable adhesive bond. The practical adhesive is characterized in particular by a special formulation of phosphonic and carboxylic acid monomers, which does not require the addition of HEMA. This virtually eliminates white discolouration of the gingiva during application and postoperative sensitivities, while at the same time the susceptibility of the polymerized bonding layer to hydrolysis is significantly reduced - for permanently stable adhesion, more safety in routine practice and long-lasting restorations for the patient. BeautiBond Universal Adhesive + CR Enhancer = cementation of indirect restorations (including veneers) made of silicate glass, lithium silicate and composite with light- or dual-curing composite cement.

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