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APPLEDENTAL Push Button High Torque A1


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Apple Dental High-Speed Air Rotor Super Torque Push Button Hand Piece is appreciated by the customers for High Torque, comfort, and very easy
operation due to its highly elegant Peacock Neck design.
The handpiece itself consists of internal mechanical components which initiate a rotational force and provide power to the cutting instrument,
usually a dental burr. The type of apparatus used clinically will vary depending on the required function dictated by the dental procedure.
It is common for a light source and cooling water-spray system to also be incorporated into certain handpieces; this improves visibility,
accuracy and overall success of the procedure.
Indications for use
Generally used for operative procedures such as the removal of dental caries or for polishing enamel or restorative materials.
A straight slow-speed handpiece is generally indicated for the extraoral adjustment and polishing of acrylic and metals.


  • Stylish
  • Good Quality Cartridge
  • optimal access
  • premium speed
  • maximal precision
  • Anti-retraction function: Four holes on the head to maintain airflow,
    also when the dental unit is stopped,


  • 1x Handpiece
  • 1x Head Opener
  • 1x User Manual 

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