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Antar Dental Suction AEOLUS -370X


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Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Power: 600W
Noise: 64dB
N.W: 26.5KG
G.W: 40KG
Package: Carton
Package Size: 46*43*97cm

Special for Implant treatment
1. Graceful posture,Beautiful & Unique quality,let your clinic walk in the forefront of fashion
2. Carbon black acrylic panel,away from the ordinary iron plate with spray-paint,away from the embarrassment of discoloration after use,Noble and elegant,corrosion resistance ,long time nondiscolouring
3. Various working indicator light
4. Built-out filter is easy cleaning and maintenance, adopt imported suction pipeline with softness,imporve work efficiency,let the wrist be no longer tired

Max Vacuum(Kpa)≦-12
Air Flow(L/min)≧300

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