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Anle Dental Unit AL-398AA


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※Low mounted instrument tray

1 set

※Dental chair

1 set 

※90 degrees rotated spittoon

1 set

※24V noiseless DC motor

1 set

※Luxury LED operating light (manual / sensor)

1 set

※LED X-ray film viewer

1 set

※Automatic spittoon flush and cup filler controlling system

1 set

※Luxury adjustable headrest

1 set  

※Multifunctional foot pedal

1 set

※High power suction (Air pressure)

1 set  

※Saliva ejector (Water pressure)

1 set

※3 way syringe (cold /hot)  

1 pcs

※Water tank (unit of two)

1 set

※4-hole handpiece tube

3 pcs

※Luxury chair frame

1 set

※Backrest with safety stop switch

1 set

※Foot pedal self-locking control system

1 set  

※Assistant tray control system  

1 set 

※Built-in/built out junction box  

1 set

※Operating stool 338A

1 pcs


Technical Parameters


1、AL-398AA Dental Unit

1.1 The lowest seat position:  <430mm, the highest seat position: >720mm;

Load capacity of dental chair: 135kg ( not including treatment machine);

Lifting speed of dental chair : ≥15mm\s,lifting stable and reliable;

Backward angle of backrest: ≤10°;

Movement of backrest range: 0-70°;

1.2 Headrest is adjustable,headrest expand and contract length : <120mm,headrest forward angle: 20°, backward angle: 40°.

1.3 Noise≤45 db. Adopts imported noiseless DC motor, can keep the user safety.  

1.4 4 direction movement control by hand and foot, with microcomputer control system, with reset and PLC function (programmable control unit: control the circuit and other functions according to user requirements and logic programmed).

1.5 The dental unit is European style, beautiful and elegant, in line with the human engineering . Adopts PU leather , soft and comfortable.

2、Treatment Machine

2.1 Full computer operation, plane operated keyboard panel, convenient to observe and operate, can effectively avoid error operating .

2.1.1 Dental chair control: with uprising, declining, reclining,fore raking,reset and PLC function.

2.1.2 LED operating light control: manual switch / infrared sensing  switch.

2.1.3 Water heater control : press button to control on and off.

2.1.4 Cup filler control : press button to control on and off , can be set up supply water quantify and automatically .

2.1.5 Spittoon flush control: press button to control on and off also Automatic timer shutdown function, can be set up the time to turn off .

2.1.6 LED X-ray film viewer : press button to control on and off .

2.1.7 Water filtration  system : supply for handpiece purified water or distilled water and others clean water. With regulating switch, convince to operate .

2.1.8 Unit with two water tank system: fast to convert  between two water bottle.

2.1.9 Assistant tray: 4-hand control, convince for assistant to operate.


2.2 Instrument tray

Using 2 set standard 4-hole high-speed  handpiece.

Using 1 set standard 4-hole low-speed  handpiece.

Configuration: 1set of 3-way syringe( nozzle better single use).

With 1set easy-clean instrument tray and 1 set X-ray film viewer.

Water and Air valve is on the right side of instrument tray, convenient for dentist to operate during treatment .

Movable instrument tray more convenient  for operate.

2.3 Assistant tray

2.3.1 1 piece high power suction, 1 piece saliva ejector.  

2.3.2 Nozzle is easy to change.

2.3.3 With  spittoon flush、cup filler 、water heater and dental chair movement control by nurse.

2.4 LED operating light

Infrared sensing  switch +manual switch (3 shifts ).

Shift is adjustable , low shift ≤8000Lx,high shift ≥20000Lx.

Color temperature 5000-6000K.

2.5 LED X-ray film viewer :

Illumination of the film viewer ≥2200Lx.

2.6 Melamine polymer material spittoon .

2.6.1 Easy to clean and disinfection, anti high temperature (+120°), detachable .

2.6.2 Draining speed of spittoon ≥4.5L\min.

2.7 With 1 pcs operating stool 338A, height is adjustable , removable and flexible.

2.7.1 Lifting of operating stool range: 130mm.

2.7.2 Load capacity of  operating stool : 155kg.

2.7.3 Chair cushion of operating stool with  seamless PU leather , soft and comfortable, easy to clean and care.


(1)Imported 24V noiseless DC motor , less noise and stable .

(2)Handpiece tube  and PU water-proof tube is durable, not easy to turn ageing and hard.

(3)Chair cushion with PU leather, easy to clean and care.

(4)Hexagonal membrane, long term use.

(5)Solenoid valve is reliable and faultless.

(6)High pressure Spring, long term use and faultless.

(7)Hanpiece to control integrated value.

(8)Operating stool with stainless five-star tripod  and wheels,  stable and safety .


Others parameters:

Air:Air voltage  0.6MPa~0.80Mpa     flux>50L/min  no oil

Water :water voltage 0.20MPa~0.40MPa     flux >10L/min     rigidity <25 degree

Power :a.c.110V/220V-50Hz/60Hz       350VA

Environment: temperature 5~40℃       relative moisture 30%~75%

Installation area : 2×3 square meter .

Inside with package :Manual, packing list, warranty card.

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