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Angelus Bio-C Sealer


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Bio-C Sealer (1x0.5g Syringe)

More than biocompatible!DESCRIPTION

Bioceramic root canal sealer ready to use.RECOMMENDATION

  • Root canal filling of permanent teeth;
  • Internal resorption treatment.


  • Ready to use
  • Non-resinous
  • High release of calcium ions
  • High alkalinity (ph~12)
  • Excelent flowability
  • Setting expansion
  • Chemical adhesion to dentin
  • High radiopacityBENEFITS
  • No mixing required, application directly in the canal
  • Easy to clean
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Bactericidal action
  • Allows filling of accessory canals
  • Prevents bacterial infiltration
  • Better sealing
  • Excellent radiographic visualization 

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