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Trent Dent Amalgam Solaloy Spill 2 - 50 Capsules


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Amalgam capsule #Spill 2

Box 50 pcs

Made in UK

Solaloy World Class


SOLALOY WORLD CLASS dental amalgam capsules are non-gamma II, Zink Free, spherical and lathe cut particles, dispersed - phase, corrosion-resistant alloy. Solaloy world class has an excellent marginal adaption to allow this restorative can be freely and smoothly carved to occlusion. This restorative material has very low static creep factor and high early strength, so strong margins can be established without breakage and the risk of bulk fractures is reduced during the first few hours of restoration. Consist of: 45% Ag, 24% Cu, and 31% Sn

Product Features

- Ease of condensing with small faced pluggers and a smooth carving surface

- Excellent marginal adaption, freely and smoothly carved to occlusion

- No need to polish, restoration is enhanced by pre-carving burnishing

- Positive feather-edged smooth shaving to the desired result

- No clogging, agglomeration or chemistry imbalance

- Use in both high & low-speed amalgamators

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