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Global Amalgam Global Spill 2 - 50 capsules


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Amalgam capsule Spill 2

Box 50 pcs

Made in czech republic

malgam Global #Spill 2 (50pcs) is a high-quality amalgam alloy that is made in the Czech Republic. It is a non-gamma 2 admix alloy, which means that it is less likely to form the gamma 2 phase, a brittle phase that can weaken the amalgam restoration. Amalgam Global #Spill 2 is also high in copper content, which gives it good strength and durability.

The amalgam is supplied in individual capsules, which makes it easy to dispense and use. The capsules are also tamper-evident, which ensures that the product is fresh and uncontaminated.

Amalgam Global #Spill 2 is a good choice for dentists who are looking for a high-quality, non-gamma 2 admix amalgam alloy. It is easy to use, provides good strength and durability, and is available in a convenient capsule format. 

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