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Alpha Endo Rotary Files Alpha Pro Assorted kit - 6 files


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Alpha Pro Rotary Files

Made in China

6 files per blister

Kit content:

  • Orifice Opener 17/12% (2 Files)
  • File 20/5% (2 Files) 
  • File 25/6% (2 Files) 


  • The kit contains 6 files in different sizes and shapes, which are suitable for a variety of root canal anatomies.
  • The files are made of nickel-titanium, which is a strong and flexible material that is well-suited for use in the narrow and curved root canals.
  • The files have a variable pitch design, which means that the file gets thinner as it gets closer to the tip. This helps to prevent the file from breaking or clogging.
  • The files have a self-cleaning mechanism, which helps to remove debris from the file as it is being used.
  • The kit is easy to use and control, making it a good choice for both experienced and beginner dentists. 

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