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Acteon Xmind-Prime 2D Panorama X-ray Unit


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CEPH left (control panel on the right) W0900003
CEPH right (control panel on the left) W0900009
CEPH right (control panel on the right) W0900230
CEPH left (control panel on the left) W0900232 OrthoPantomograph (OPG), 115-220V, with one CMOS Ceph 2D sensor used for panoramic imaging and cephalometry.
• Adult and Child Panoramic programs
• Improved Orthogonality
• TMJ section
• Maxillary Sinus exam
• Cephalometric exam
ACTEON® Imaging Suite (AIS) Software, for visualisation and analysis of 2D acquisitions. Installation and user e-manuals, 10 year warranty.
Not included: Workstation PC and monitor, light

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