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Abu Samra Dental Unit MAS-7


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Patient Chair

  1. Electrically driven chair in all movement with 10000N motors controlled by:- a- foot joystick b- Touch control Panel c- assistant Touch control Panel.
  2. Automatic program position return )zero position).
  3. Four programmers mode 3 can be programmed by the doctor the fourth program Mouth washing position and spittoon on Return to last position.
  4. Emergency stop from any switch.
  5. Double articulating headrest with horizontal movement moves easily.
  6. Arms rest moveable horizontally with a hinge.
  7. Upholstery synthetic seamless vinyl washable anti-microbial plastic leather and treated and anatomic design.
  8. Over load switching.
  9. Suitable for weight more than 200kg without any sounds or vibrations.
  10. All metal parts from galvanized steel covered with layer of electro static powder paint.

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