President dental PROCEM - Temporary Eugenol Free Luting Cement 2x25 gr

250.00 EGP
Short description:

PROCEM is an eugenol-free easily to process cement. It does not influence the setting of resin based filling and luting materials. It is recommended to use Procem in case of allergies to eugenol.
Procem contains calcium hydroxide and hydroxylapatite.

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PROCEM is an eugenol-free cement as paste/paste-system for temporary fixing of crowns, bridges etc. PROCEM remains elastic and can be easily removed.
Working Time 1-2 min
Curing Time 3-6 min

Physical data
Base Catalyst
Colour Brown White
Viscosity;dyn,Dpa's 200-1000 3000-1500
Setting time at room temperature 1,50 - 3 min
Setting time at 100% humidity 1,10-2,30 min


Brand :
President Dental
Country of Origin:

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