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Kerr Comporoller
CODE: V016-5300
555.00 EGP
Kerr Herculite XRV ultra
CODE: V016-Kerr Herculite XRV ultra
375.00 EGP
Kerr Opti Disc
CODE: V016-4188
715.00 EGP
Kerr OptiShine™ Finishing and Polishing
CODE: V016-OptiShine™ Finishing and Po
135.00 EGP
NSK Pana Air FX
CODE: V016-P1225
2,960.00 EGP
NSk FX25 Low Speed
CODE: V016-C1052002
2,300.00 EGP
Kerr Opti 1 Step Polisher Assortment Kit ...
CODE: V016-8004
575.00 EGP
Kerr HI Luster Polishing System
CODE: V016-2600
1,150.00 EGP
EndoGuide Molar kit from SS White
1,400.00 EGP
NSK EndoMate TC2
CODE: V016-TC2
15,500.00 EGP
Kerr Demi Ultra Light Cure
CODE: V016-Demi Ultra
20,000.00 EGP
22,000.00 EGP
SybronEndo K-Files
CODE: V016-SybronEndo K-Files
98.00 EGP
Kerr Pathfinder™ CS
CODE: V016-Pathfinder
250.00 EGP
Centrix FluoroDose
CODE: v016-flourodose
22.00 EGP
11.00 EGP
SS White EndoGuide EG6
CODE: V016 - White EndoGuide EG6
200.00 EGP
Smart Burs
CODE: v016-smartbur
37.00 EGP
Kerr sonic fill 2
CODE: V016-kerr sonic fill 2
15,150.00 EGP
Nsk Dynaled
CODE: V016-P1104
8,500.00 EGP
NSK Endo Mate AT
CODE: V016-Y1002190
12,000.00 EGP
12,500.00 EGP
SDS Kerr 4000 Amalgamator
CODE: V016-4000
8,000.00 EGP
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