How do i register ?

Click “Register” on the upper right corner of any page on DentaCarts.com or click Register.

How do I login?

Click “Sign in” on the upper right corner of any page of DentaCarts.com or click Sign in 


I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click "Sign in" on upper right corner of any DentaCarts.com page, then click "Forgot your password?" and enter the email address you used to register. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password


I made my first purchase and received a confirmation via SMS/Email. What should I do?

Congratulations on your first purchase from DentaCarts.com. Unless contacted, you don’t need to respond unless called by the Customer Service team or asked to specifically. This is to confirm your order and ensure you are able to track your order with the order ID.

It’s been 2 to 3 days and I haven’t received my Order yet! where is it?

2 to 3 business days is the usual timeframe for receiving an item bought on DentaCarts.com unfortunately however, delays might occur for a variety of reasons, and for that we apologize. Reasons for this could include, but are not limited to; the seller might not be ready to ship the item from their side, there could be unprecedented volumes in delivery from the courier company or other unforeseen delivery schedule issues, and even at times delays from the buyer side such as missed communication to confirm purchase or to schedule a delivery time among other things.Your shipment status is updated, allowing you to track it each step of the way to your door; Should you have any concerns you can reach our Customer Service Team through the Contact Us page. We’re always here to help you.


What if my item gets lost?

An item is only considered delivered when we have your signature on the delivery note and the item is in your hands. For whatever the reason, if an item does get lost you will receive a full refund of your money if you have paid through electronic means (Credit or Debit Card, other payment cards) and in the event that you chose Cash on Delivery (COD) then you are not liable to make a payment for a non-delivered item.


It’s been over 4 business days now, what’s going on?

While we’re sorry you’ve been left waiting for so long, there could be any number of reasons, some of which were listed above – and we apologize for this lengthy delay in receiving your order. However we will trace your order and take effective action to ensure that it is delivered promptly or in the event the item is neither available nor ready to be shipped out we will discuss with you a host of alternative solutions to resolve the issue. You can contact our Customer Service Team anytime you wish through the Contact Us page.

This isn’t what I bought?

No problem, we will help you in correcting when that happens. Also as an DentaCarts.com shopper you have the right to return an item within four (4) days even if it is the exact same item you have ordered so long as it meets our return policies namely being in the same condition received and with the original packaging intact.


What if I decide after four (4) days I don’t want the item?

Yes you can - if your item is faulty or not in working condition due to a product defect or not functioning as it is supposed to - then you can still return it with in (14) days and we will arrange a pickup of the item to be returned to the seller and your money refunded. To do so please contact our Customer Service Team. However if there is nothing wrong with the item and you just want to return it, please note that some individual sellers do not accept a product back after the four (4) days have passed although we can contact the seller on your behalf to try and arrange such a return however that is dependent on their acceptance and policies.

 I still want the item despite the fault, what happens then?

We can arrange a replacement or contact the seller at times as an item might be repaired or fixed. To do so please contact our Customer Service Team.

 If i changed my mind; can I return what I’ve bought?

Yes you can. We want to offer you, our valued customers, the peace of mind of shopping with us and also we fully understand that sometimes you might change your mind on a bought item, If after making the purchase online and you still have not received the item, you could still cancel your order. If you have paid through electronic means (Credit or Debit card, other payment cards) then the money would be refunded, but due to individual card providers, the amount may take time to reflect in your card statement. If you wish to return the item after receiving it, you have up to four (4) days to do so, so long as the item is in the same condition as received and with the original packaging intact.

 What if I want to return an item after four (4) days?

If you have filed a complaint within four (4) days then a return is possible after this period. You can either file a complaint or Contact Us through the Inquiry form or Contact Centre (numbers and method available on the Contact Us page of DentaCarts.com).

 Do I get the full amount returned/refunded to me for a Returned item?

Shipping fees will be deducted from the amount, but you will receive a refund for the balance. This fee will be waived if the item was not as advertised, defective or not functioning as advertised. So if it’s a return because you have simply changed your mind then the shipping fees will be retained by DentaCarts.com and we just refund you the item amount paid. You will be refunded the shipping fees for returned items not in proper working condition or faulty and/or defective.

What Guarantee and/or Warranty is offered on items sold on DentaCarts.com?

There are different types of sellers on DentaCarts.com and hence different Warranty and Product Guarantees. Please read the offer if listed against each item listed carefully to understand the individual seller’s policies and procedures.

What if I have a complaint against the seller?

You can file a complaint against the seller through the Customer Service Team via the Contact Us page. DentaCarts.com is obliged to respond and interact actively with his/ her customers. We take the peace of mind and satisfaction of our buyers very seriously and we will not tolerate noncompliance with DentaCarts.com Service Standards and Policies.


What if the item I bought might not be a genuine item, what can I do?

DentaCarts.com does not tolerate any fake items to be displayed by any of its sellers and strict action will be taken against any seller should this happen. Our Customer Service Teams will investigate thoroughly any such complaint and the selling of fake or banned items could lead to a seller’s blacklisting and closure of his/her store.


Can I return it and get a refund?

If after the four (4) days No Questions Asked return period has elapsed, and your item deemed fake, then absolutely yes, so long it is in its original condition and with the original packaging intact, and you can do so via the Customer Service Team through the Contact Us page or filing a complaint requesting a return.

 What if I am not sure what I bought is a genuine item?

Again, as part of the community your feedback and input help make it better. By raising the question or filing a complaint, you give the seller an opportunity to respond to your concern or contact the Customer Service Team through the Contact Us page to take this matter up with the seller.

 Can I replace an item?

At the moment we do not offer replacements however you can still return an item. Please see our return policies for that. 

Why do you sometimes ask for a copy of Identification Card such as a Passport copy, do you not trust me?

This is for your protection as much as ours, as well as all our buyers to ensure that an item bought on DentaCarts.com using electronic means such as Credit or Debit cards is genuinely the card of the actual buyer and not related to a lost, stolen or fraudulently-used card. In effect it is an extra layer of verification as part of our secure shopping environment and authentication process and security levels. 

I filed my complaint and contacted your Customer Services and nothing has happened yet?

We apologize for the delay. Every complaint filed or issue sent to Customer Services is logged and remains open until full satisfactorily resolution. We work in partnership with all or buyers and sellers to resolve matters speedily, however at times it might require longer to resolve. Please be assured that your case or complaint is not ignored and is being worked on.


 Can I edit the details of my account and/or change address, name and password?

Of course you can. Log-in to your account and you can do most edits yourself except things like Email ID which requires you to contact the Customer Service Team.

 Can I buy and have items delivered to a country that is outside the one where DentaCarts.com is located?

Unfortunately, no; you can only buy and sell from the country you have registered at.