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DentaCarts E-Learning platform built for online instruction – helping remote dental instructors, and teachers engage their dental students or patients effectively online. Keep everyone focused and engaged in with high quality, real-time audio and video, an easy-to-use interface, and a suite of collaborative tools that helps you transform distracted viewers into active learners.
Dentacarts Virtual Classroom can help bridge the gap and functions in nearly the same way as a traditional physical classroom. Although face to face components may not be feasible solutions to offer synchronicity in online courses, virtual classrooms have a far greater potential to reach out to individual students across the geographies.


  • List your course on the platform.
  • Send an email to your students to be enrolled in the course.
  • Share with them the payment link to pay it and we will collect it the payments for you.
  • Open virtual classroom and start to engage your students with the platform faculties.
  • Record the lecture.


Our platform offers comprehensive tools to create (and take) online courses, tests, and live classes. Instructors can host live lectures and conferences online, engaging with students located halfway around the world.
1- Online Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom provides the essential features needed for seamless synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities between presenter (teacher) and attendees (students), and you can record your lecture to push it again to your students.
2- Easy Courseware, Upload or embed any kind of content such as DOC, PPT, PDF, HTML, SCORM, and VIDEO into online courseware in minutes.
3- Responsive Layout, modern and clean responsive theme is optimized for almost any device - be it Mobile, Web or Tablet - Dentacarts has you covered!
4- Enroll New Students, Enroll new students automatically by sending them an e-mail notification. This is best for assigning users to private or paid courses.
5- Payment options, Dentacarts offers cash & credit card payments to sell your courses, tests, and live classes for faster revenue.

PLANS & PRICES:- For our price list please contact us Via Message or call 01004790577. 


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