How to choose your handpiece?

Handpiece is chosen according to different dentist’s use:  -Regarding the Handpiece head’s size there are 3 types: The Standard one which has a medium sized head, and it’s the most used one. The one with High torque that has a large sized head and it’s preferably used for dentists who are working in crown & bridge preparations. The one...


Install your payments on DentaCarts!

For the first time in dental domain in Egypt the dentist can make online shopping for his clinic and pay in installments. Now dentist doesn't have cash barrier for stocking his clinic supplies or buying a high value device to give his patients new services. DentaCarts announced its partnership with valU. valU is EFG Hermes company. valU...


DentaCarts Attends International Dental Students Congress

For the second year consecutively DentaCarts participates in International Dental Students Congress which is organized by EADS (Egyptian Association of Dental Students). The conference is the biggest scientific dental event created specifically for dental students from all over Egypt. The four-years event is the destination for more than 1500 undergrad...


DentaCarts and DentaLore in one Click

أكملت دنتاكارتس عامها الأول منذ الانطلاقة الرسمية في سبتمبر 2017. و قد حمل هذا العام الأول الكثير من المنجزات التي تم تحقيقها في سبيل تقديم الخدمة الأفضل لطبيب الأسنان و طالب طب الأسنان و التجار و كل عناصر عالم طب الأسنان في مصر. و لعل أبرز الملفات التي سعت لها دنتاكارتس بسعي حثيث هو الشراكات مع مقدمي الخدمة لأطباء الأسنان. و ها هي...


عيادة الدكتور الفنان


DentaCarts is OPEN !

DentaCarts DentaCarts is the number one online marketplace for Dental Supplies, Tools and Equipment. DentaCarts is brought by X Mart especially to be the smart partner for the Dentist. DentaCarts is the place where you find the familiar product for you and order it anytime and receive your order anywhere. DentaCarts have partnership with all...


Find the mobile application

DentaCarts Mobile Apps Now you can enjoy dental shopping through your mobile phone using DentaCarts App. Find your mobile applicaiton and start !